About Us


About Us

We are an Anglican Church working in the Black Country.
We experience God's love and seek to follow Jesus.
We are Christian Family young and old offering hope and friendship to all, pointing people to Jesus Christ.
Our Vision is:

'Growing in the love of Jesus.'

Our vision is to grow new Christians, grow in our faith as disciples and grow in the use of the gifts the Holy Spirit has given us.
Our Mission statement is:

'St Martin’s is a vibrant family growing in the love of Jesus. Anchored in Biblical truth and inspired by the Holy Spirit, we are committed to celebrating and sharing the Good News of Jesus, reaching out and welcoming people of all ages and backgrounds.'

We are an open evangelical church that believes we need to stand under the authority of scripture. As a family we are committed to taking out the Good News of Jesus Christ and proclaim His saving grace.

What We Do

Bradley is a Black Country Urban Village - the place where John Wilkinson built his first iron works. Here the world’s first iron boat was made. Bilston and Bradley became famous for the quality of its engineering workmanship. Over the past thirty years the steel works and other major engineering factories have closed. Unemployment soared. Many shops in nearby Bilston were boarded up. The government responded to the employment needs, by improving the infrastructure, and trying to attract new industries through the Black Country Development Corporation.
In 1975 the Victorian church building was demolished because of dry rot in its roof. For a while Sunday worship was conducted in St Martin’s Church of England Primary School. It was a time of re-thinking objectives - a time of growing as a church family. St Martin’s looked around for a building in which Jesus Christ could be served in a deeper more effective way.
In 1983, the old church school was consecrated as the parish church. Immediately, the church family sought to respond to the changes in the local situation. They joined an initiative of local churches called Bilston Enterprise that co-operated with the Government in providing training for employment. St Martin’s used their building for training in nursery gardening, and painting and decorating. They co-operated with the Health Authorities in providing living accommodation and support for a few mentally ill people in the community. They founded a Church Lad’s and Church Girl’s Brigade Company in order to contact young people and to challenge them with the good news of Jesus Christ. They maintained a good contact with the Church of England Primary School, and church members served on the governing body.
St Martin’s joined with other local groups to provide money and leadership to build a Senior Citizens Centre in Coronation Park.
Today the heavy industries which provided the prosperity of the area are mainly closed. But some of the sites are no longer derelict. New, mainly service industries are growing. But Bradley remains an Urban Priority Area with high deprivation indicators. Nearly half of Bradley is made up of council housing. The clinic was burnt down and has not been replaced. The local library has had its hours and facilities reduced. The government no longer perceives a need for employment training of a kind that St Martin’s was offering, so that has ceased.
Fifteen years ago people used to say “There is no longer a church in Bradley”. They had experienced the pain of seeing the landmark church spire, which marked the place where their parents had been christened, married and buried, demolished. Today more and more people are seeing the old school as a church building. There are an increasing number of funerals and weddings being carried out here. Unlike many churches the building is in use seven days a week. An increasing number of people use the building for various activities all of which are run by church members. Community groups hold meetings and even have the occasional party. It is a place where we offer God’s hope and proclaim the saving grace of Jesus Christ in all that we do.
Over the last few years the building has undergone a maintenance and repair program with many improvements being made especially with access for disabled people. Because the groups we have are growing and new ways are being found to serve the community, we have altered the rear of the building to provide extra kitchen facilities, a new entrance and updated toilets.
St Martin's is proud of the charities it has supported in the past and continues to support. Whether at a local, national or international level, St Martin's is committed to helping charities and organisations. Every quarter, 3% of the promised giving goes towards an organisation chosen by the PCC. Past supporters have included Lee & Carolyn Howard of YWAM; The Little Brothers of The Good Shepherd; Church Housing Trust; Matlosane Diocese, South Africa.
We also support charities such as Christian Aid; The Children's Society, Open Doors; Samaritan's Purse; Fairtrade plus many more through event's held throughout the year here at St Martin's.

our Team

Below are the members of St Martin's Parochial Church Council (PCC) - who oversee the running and leadership of the church in conjunction with the Vicar and Wardens.

Ian Grennan
Rosemary Preston
Bryan Preston

Matt Aldridge
Suzanne Clarke-Flavell
Rebecca Edkins
Alison Grennan

Stephen Robinson
Carene Spooner
Elizabeth Thomas